Algeria hostage inquest: Judge returns 'unlawful killing' verdicts

27 February 2015

Delivering a verdict at an inquest in London on Thursday 26th February 2015, Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said that the 7 men had been unlawfully killed.  He also drew attention to multiple failures by the plant’s management to upgrade protection – partly on the grounds of cost.  More information can be obtained from the In Amenas website:

Colin Braziel, Griffin Security Group’s Managing Director, had been appointed as the independent security expert to the Inquest and provided the Coroner with an assessment of the state of security at the plant prior to the attack.  Extracts from his report were referenced in Judge Hilliard’s findings.  Colin has also reviewed the enhancements to the site since the attack.  The Coroner, Judge Hilliard said, “He (Mr Braziel) has endorsed the physical security measures now in place………………..  In his opinion, the security enhancements now provide a significantly safer environment for the Joint Venture staff.  I accept that expert opinion.”