Saudi Arabia HCIS Security Consultancy

Griffin Security Group, in partnership with Alebda Al Thulathi for trading Co., are registered with the Saudi Arabian, Ministry of Interior, High Commission of Industrial Security (HCIS) to provide security consultancy and design services within the Kingdom under Licence Number: 12013870.

Griffin Security Group’s security consultants provide the following specialist capabilities to implement the requirements of the HCIS Security Directives:

  • Undertake Security Vulnerability Assessments in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute, “Security Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries”.
  • Provide technical expertise for the continual development of company security related standards and procedures
  • Evaluate clients existing technical security systems, identify deficiencies, determine technical solutions/upgrades, bill of quantities and prepare cost estimates.
  • Conduct professional technical review of security requirements in company projects. This includes review technical specifications, technical drawings and provide appropriate security recommendations / solutions corresponding to the security risks. Ensure projects comply with applicable security and HCIS Directives and standards.
  • Evaluates and recommends the most recent technological solutions, systems and methodology that are appropriate to the need, compatible with existing or future systems and are cost-effective.
  • Provide technical expertise and prepare technical specification on physical and electronic security systems. These include, but not limited to, specifications for fences, gates, barriers, blockers, access control systems, electronic surveillance systems, detection systems, alarm systems, security lighting levels and security systems integration.
  • Provide technical expertise and security input to company projects. Submit cost-effective security recommendations appropriate to the security risks identified. Attend project review meetings and witness site acceptance tests of security elements in company projects.
  • Prepare security systems maintenance procedures; prepare training requirements for systems operators, administrators and technical maintenance personnel.