Quality Assurance Policy

Griffin Security Group recognises that the quality of services that it provides is of paramount importance to the continuing prosperity of the Company.

The Company recognises that to maintain its position in the market, an effective and dynamic Quality Management System is essential. The policy is intended to benefit both the customer and Company through increased customer satisfaction, leading to growth in existing markets and investment in new market areas.

The Company and its associate consultants fully subscribe to the British Standards Institute 8549:2006, Security Code of Practice. Also, the Association of Security Consultants’ Professional Code of Conduct is similarly and strictly adhered to.

The Company’s training policies ensure that our people at all levels are suitably qualified and trained for the tasks they are required to undertake by providing on-going training and education programmes.

Griffin Security Group is committed to developing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining its systems in compliance with this quality policy statement. Quality problems will always be fully investigated, ensuring that where necessary timely and effective corrective action is implemented.